Not Just Provide and Reside: Engaged Fathers in Low-Income Families

15 Nov

This week I chose to read about how positive father involvement in a child’s life, allows for much greater cognitive, physical, and socioemotional development. Even if fathers do not live with their children, they still have the potential to positively impact their children’s lives. Despite popular belief, fathers are just as sensitive and emotional as mothers during their child’s developmental periods. Research shows that low-income children with involved fathers actually acted out less and had fewer problems socially. There is no doubt that children growing up and living in poverty are at a much higher risk for harsh, negative parenting, but this doesn’t have to be the norm. Children in low-income families benefit from their caring mothers, but will benefit much more if they have supportive fathers.

Mixed race father and son


This video was about four different dads, and the current situtations they are in with their children. It was very interesting to watch. It showed how they all struggle and do their best to be part of their children’s lives. I think it is great that despite their struggling, they are taking the time to part of their children’s lives, rather than completely absent.


This is one of the many programs that is available to help encourage fathers to be more involved. There are videos and articles and different ways for men to understand just how to be engaged with their children. I think programs like this are super great, because often times fathers don’t exactly know how to remain part of their child’s life, especially if they are not with/married to the mother.


Child welfare has a list of resources for fathers, and father figures, to discover ways to be engaged; much like my previous example. I like that they make it clear that having a father figure is extremely beneficial to the child, so fathers should not allow themselves to be selfish in not wanting to be prt of their child’s life.


I really enjoyed reading this article. It focused more on married dads, and having this “bumbling dad” image, but it stated that fathers are just as important as mothers. Dads teach their kids to control their bodies by roughhousing, nurturing and playing with children increases IQ, and so on. I don’t think children, though it is not wrong or corrupting for a child, were meant to be raised solely by one parent. I think it is important for children to have a  mom and dad figure in their lives.


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