Briefing Paper: Women’s Money Matters

8 Nov

This week I chose to read about earnings and housework in dual-earner families. According to research, women who work are more likely to have more bargaining power in marriage. Men and women, though still not a large amount, are beginning to divide up chores and child care. Research also states that even women who earn as much (or more) than their husbands, actually do more homework then their husbands. Why I found this interesting, is because the article claims that this is because of “gender display”. Women, though they are trying to create an identity for themselves outside the home, still feel somewhat inclined to engage in traditional gender roles.




This was an article about all the progress we have made as a nation to allow women more equality in the workplace. The woman who wrote the article was proud of all the progress. She has the ability to take her children to work sometimes, and thus still has the opportunity to fulfill her motherly duties. She feels that moms, and parents in general, need to be okay with involving their children into their careers; sort of blend them together in a slight way. Being a woman, and being a mom, and being a successful woman can all go hand it hand. 


This article talked about how many people are remaining single, or waiting later in life to have children. Those that are waiting later in life to have children are usually also having to take care of older relatives, as well as their own children. The amount of women in the workforce has increased a lot. So now, both men and women are involved in their career and family. Parents in the 50’s were not as involved with their children, not even mothers. Today, both men and women are working, as well as contributing to the raising of their children. 


This video talks about how there was a survey conducted in Germany, where people were asked if they would promote a woman who was always cheerful. There was a huge majority that said they would not. These people wanted a female boss (IF they had to have a female boss), who was assertive. They even preferred someone who didn’t really show any emotion at all. I am really baffled by this. I just don’t understand why women need to prove their power or authority.


This was an interesting article. It is an article made up of advice for young women in the workplace, given by readers who submitted their thoughts. All of the advice was great! Be confident, don’t focus on the fact that you are a woman, ask questions, be engaged, be brave, have an open mind. All good stuff. It was good to read advice given by some successful women, and to see what they have learned in working in man-dominant careers. 


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